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Sizing and Measurements

The first thing to remember with respect to sizing and measurements is that even today there is no industry standard for sizing in the clothing industry. That's why you fit into different sized clothing from store to store. Well, with vintage clothing, not only is there no standard for sizing, the sizes of yesteryear are nowhere near what they are today. So, basically, we at Vintage Virtuosa render useless any size labels hanging in the vintage garments we sell. Instead, we measure each piece and provide these measurements to you in the item descriptions. Your job then is to know your measurements and compare them to those listed in the item description.

Our measurements are taken as follows:

  • Bust: This measurement is taken across the fullest part of the bust on the garment.
  • Waist: This measurement is taken around the natural waistline.
  • Hips: This measurement is taken around the fullest part of the hips on the garment, and is usually about 7 to 8 inches below the natural waistline.
  • Sleeve Length: This measurement is taken on the outside, from shoulder seam, or natural shoulder on a seamless garment, to wrist.
  • Total Length: This measurement is taken from the shoulder seam, or natural shoulder line if no seam exists, to the hem. Pants are measured on the inseam.
  • Hand/Glove: The measurement for gloves is taken around the hand at the knuckles and does not include the thumb.
  • Head/Hat: This measurement is taken around the inner circumference of the hat. When measuring your own head, place the measuring tape at a point about inch above your ears and go all the way around.
  • Shoes: Vintage shoes are generally much narrower than those found in the modern world of footwear so you may need to go up at least size to compensate for the narrow build of the shoe. Measurements are typically taken on the inside toe to heel for length and across the outside of the ball of the foot for width.

Any additional measurements taken for an item will be spelled out in the item description.

When shopping for vintage, it really pays to know your body and measurements, specifically your bust, waist and hips. Take those measurements, tape them to your monitor for all to see and start shopping! The key to a great look is the right fit.
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