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Schreiner of New York 1960's Masterpiece Bib Necklace & Drop Earrings

This highly impressive, Museum-quality Schriener Necklace is dripping with large, clear, faceted briolette (1" or 26mm long) and chandelier tear drop crystals (1 3/8" or 35mm long) from a japanned gunmetal setting filled wth prong set black jet crystals and unique black stripe clear givre glass stones. Five graduated tiers drop down to a dramatic drop of 4" inches in the center. Alternating large round black jet and small black givre striped clear glass stones make up the necklace strand, which finishes with a hook and eye closure and a flourish of a single back jet tear drop stone. Indicative of a genuine Schreiner piece, there are reverse set stones (Black jet marquis), and hook/eye closure, bar link construction behind the stone settings on the extender chain, as well as the tear drop stone, prong set, at the end of the closure. This is nothing short of extremely rare and collectible!

The earrings are signed Schreiner, but they are not a set match for the necklace, although they are a gorgeous Schreiner marriage. The dramatic drop earrings boast huge, clear faceted tear drop crystal stones (3/8" inch or 33 mm long), prong set in the same japanned gunmetal setting as the necklace. The Maltese cross-style tops at the ear show off the large round shapes, with reverse set tear drop or pear shaped clear crystals to make up the arms of the cross. The earring stud section measures 1" or 27 mm across. This amazing pair of earrings are a total of 2 1/2" inches long. Awesome!

Schreiner of New York (1939 - 1977)
Henry Schreiner founded the Schreiner Jewelry Company in 1939. He had been a blacksmith in Bavaria, Germany and emigrated to the U.S. in 1923. His career began at the Better Buckle Company working with metals designing and fashioning belt buckles, buttons and dress fasteners. His daughter and her husband joined the firm in 1953 and soon the three of them were creating jewelry for Adele Simpson, Norman Norelle, and Christian Dior with the use of the clients' names on the jewelry produced. The stunning, unusual and distinctive Schreiner jewelry used gun-metal plating, bronze plating and gold plating for backing along with very expensive custom made special shaped stones made in Germany by skilled Czechoslavakian craftsmen. Some of the designs had inverted-set or upside-down rhinestones and unusual color combinations of the stones. These stones are no longer being maufactured. Schreiner pieces of jewelry were never mass-produced (the company did only fine handwork), but the pieces made were highly fashionable and attention getters therefore they did not turn to media for advertising, the pieces sold themselves. Henry Schreiner died in 1954. Some of the earlier pieces were not signed. The jewelry maked, "Schreiner", "Schreiner of New York", and "Schreiner Jewelry" was the firm's own original designed pieces made for retail sales. The family ceased operation of the company in 1973. It has been said that the Schreiner Jewelry produced is some of the finest made, and most admired of the vintage jewelry found today. It is highly sought after by collectors.

Condition: Excellent.
Maximum wearable necklace length is 18 1/2" inches, which is adjustable down to as short as 15 5/8" inches.
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