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Crescent Shape Aurora Borealis Glass Bead Earrings - Laguna

Highly faceted crystals are fastened onto the silver metal backs of these vintage clip-on earrings. Made to be worn up along the ear lobe, these earrings actually have a left and a right, they do not dangle beneath the lobe but are shaped so that from the clip with the large end of the earring closer to the face the crescent shape then extends up, curving around toward the top of the lobe ending just below the mid-way point on the ear lobe. I've tried to show the shape in the photos so you can see the curve that I describe. Also, you will see slight color in the crystals, this is actually the reflection of light bouncing off the many facets reflecting color as they are made to do...there is no actual 'color' marks on the crystals themselves as it may appear to be in the photo, again the color seen here is reflective, stunning! Marked with Laguna on the back of the clip, these are beautiful elegant earrings to be worn with just about anything......simply lovely and more beautiful on than in the photos because of how they hug the ear lobe.

Condition: Excellent.
Measurements: 1 1/2" long and 1" wide at the widest point.
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