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Cream Vintage Wool Coat by Pauline Trigere, C. 1950's

Coty award winner, Pauline Trigere, born to Russian emmigrant parents, one a tailor the other a seamstress, grew up in the world of fine craftsmanship and fashion. Leaving her home in Paris, Pauline emmigrated to the United States and set up shop in New York City where she became an instant success. Her designs are timeless, classic pieces known for their quality, simplicty and honest practicality. Pauline works her magic with wool in this signature coat with 3/4 length sleeves with slits at the 'cuffs', flared silhouette, huge patch pockets and heavy metal elongated 'buttons'. Style with a purpose, that's our Pauline! Her designs stand the test of time as seen here with a coat that will go on forever adding value to any wardrobe, vintage and contemporary alike.

The coat bears two labels: Pauline Triegere and Bonwit Teller

Condition: Excellent. There are a few tiny (microscopic almost) rust spots on the right side shoulder and patch pocket as well as on the inside back collar and inside lapel (as photographed). Not at all a deterrent from the coat, bearly detectable unless under close examination.
Measurements: Bust and Hips 38" - 39", Hips Full, Sleeve Length 22", Coat Length 41".
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