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Edwardian Embroidered Black Satin Evening Coat Duster, Poet Sleeves

A rare find this exquisite Edwardian Embroidered Black Silk Satin Evening Coat Duster. The poet sleeves are embellished with an intricate hand embroidered organic motif of flowers crewel stitched in spice tones namely cinnamon, nutmeg, tamarind and saffron collectively giving an over all warm taupe presentation that provides versatility to the clothing under which this duster is worn. The sheen of the black silk satin adds a luster to bring out the muted tones of the embroidery. The silhouette is worn open with a collar that features attached drapes that cascade freely down the sides of the coat from the shoulders and attached only at the tops of the shoulders. There is a loop at the edge on one side to suggest perhaps a belt may have been part of the design long ago.

Condition: Excellent for its age. Smudges around the neckline. The embroidered panels on the sleeves were lifting in places so we hand-stitched them back down, you can't tell where these repairs were made. There is evidence of a lining that has since been removed, fragments of a beige fabric appear at some of the sleeve seams.
Shoulders 12 1/2"
Sleeve Length 23 1/2"
Jacket 40"
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