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1970's Paisley Print Mini Skirt - VIVO by Susan Thomas

This is a super cute red, white and blue paisley print poly knit button-down mini skirt. For some reason, I can see this one out on the golf course, if they're permitted, I'm no golfer so not at all aware of any dress codes out there, obviously the men don't follow any code or they wouldn't be out there looking the way THEY do. The patriotic all American athlete out there hitting balls all over the place, until you arrive at the putting green, then it's the focused streamline shot right into the cup thanks to all that practice you racked up at the mini courses years ago. Do you remove the flag first? Anyway, I love the sporty look. The label reads: "VIVO by Susan Thomas".

Condition: Excellent.
Measurements: Waist 26", Hips 35", Length 17 1/2"
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