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Platinum Cellophane Straw Skirt - c. 1960's

I bring you the second of two straw skirts from the same estate. C. 1960's, this one is of a very rich and most beautiful platinum color exquisitely woven of cellophane straw with a very intricate crochet detail in the center panel. There is a zipper at the rear. It was a pleasure wandering through the storybook cottage that these owners used as a second home for summer entertaining. Filled with unique and decorative treasures collected from their travels and used as a canvass to display the oil paintings of their daughter, the cottage was a virtual museum of an era gone by. A real privelege to visit, I count myself lucky to have seen it and am humbled by the snapshot view I gained of their window on the world. To be in the virtual company of someone with an acute sense of creativity that extends to their lifestyle right down to their manner of dress is enlightening, not to mention just plain fun. Bring it on! Oh yeah, the skirt is awesome too!

Condition: Excellent. As seen in the photograph, there is some yellowing at and just below the waistband due to age, but on this skirt, doesn't detract from the overall look. In fact, and you'll have to trust me here, but the yellowing appears more pronounced on the digital image than it does on the actual skirt. I still love this one.
Measurements: Waist 27", Hips Full, Length 25"
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