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Powder Blue Sheath Dress Covered with Yellow Daisies - c. 1970's - Lanz Original

I know, with the label, Lanz Original you're thinking preppy sorority girl. But just wait a minute, beneath that Izod-and-loafer-clad exterior is a girl who can just as easily trade all that in for a tight little black number and heels, if she's in the mood, that is. I like this one, a 'tweener, a classic with sass, a cutie pie with a handful of maturity thrown in. So although Lanz may generally lie a little more on the preppy side of the spectrum, they did manage to produce a level of sophistication despite themselves. A compliment to Lanz? I believe so. And not to put down the preppy thing in its comeback hour, it's just one of those trends that is better left in the past primarily because your actions (shananigans would be more like it) at the time seemed to be in direct conflict with the plaid and argyle. An oxymoron of sorts. So, tell me, what was a good girl like you doing in a place like that anyway? Where am I going with this? I gotta' hand it to Lanz on this one, they managed to spin out a sassy little number in this sheath dress. With rounded neckline that scoops in the back for some sex appeal, a sheer overlay of buttercup chiffon leaving the sleeves unlined for a little more skin and whimsical daisies scattered about, this dress doesn't give up one bit of class for its snippyness. The scalloped edges on the sleeves and hemline lend a subtle touch of pretty. The verdict, I think it's safe to say that Lanz really pulled this one off!

Condition: Excellent.
Measurements: Bust 35", Waist 34", Hips 36", Length 35 1/2", Sleeve Length 20 1/2".
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