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Amazing Ceil Chapman 1950s Red Silk Mermaid Vintage Ball Gown with high low sweep skirt

If I said, 'Ceil Chapman' and nothing else, that would be enough...or if you just look at the pictures, no further explanation is needed. A truly amazing Ceil Chapman Red Silk Mermaid Hem High-Low Gown, the perfect ball gown for the most special of occasions, that's what we have here. The pleated bodice is so flattering against the fitted pleated waist. From here the skirt, nothing short of spectacular falls to the floor in high-low style so you can show off those pretty little shoes you've selected. The huge bow accentuates perfectly the hem line, drawing attention to the raised front. The back of the skirt, falling in gentle pleated fullness all the way to the hem, might just graze the floor if you let it. The red is the perfect tone, not too warm, not too cool. So there you have it, an iconic designer gown that needs no text description but when one tries, well it's pure poetry.

The dress has some complicated yet expert tailoring, especially in the skirt. It is made with three layers, the top layer of red silk is the outer layer. Inside, the tulle layer is cut high-low so you can actually see the long tulle when looking at the front of the dress through the higher part of the skirt to the back, very cool. There is a middle red (silk, I think) lining that is stitched to the outer layer in front to create a bubble hem but then becomes detached at the sides so that in the rear of the skirt this middle layer is not attached at the hem (you can separate the red lining from the outer layer at the rear of the skirt).

Condition: Excellent, no issues to note, the bow at the bottom of the skirt front should be tacked down so it stays in place. The interior arm pads worn by the prior owner should be removed, they protected the dress from underarm staining and will come out easily.
Bust 37"
Waist 27"
Hips Full
Length in front 43" to 60" in the rear, measured from shoulders to hem, this is an approximation give or take a few inches.
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